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GES 4-5 Leadership Team

Our GES 4-5 Leadership Team consists of one representative from each homeroom class at the Green Top. These students are selected in the fall by teachers and peers based on their leadership skills. We strive to teach these students how they can not only impact their school, but also their town.

The team meets at school once a month and often with different members of our community. Throughout the years we have visited such places as the school district central office, the Grenada Police Station, the Grenada Star newspaper office, the Grenada Soup Kitchen, Mayor Billy Collins’ office, and Holmes Community College just to name a few.

We want our students to learn the importance of leading by example and making a difference wherever you are and sharing those skills with others around them.

GES 4-5's Leadership Team of appoximately 24 kids pose with sponsors outside the Grenada Soup Kitchen