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TGT News

Each morning right after the bell rings, teachers at the Green Top turn on their classroom smart TVs and log in to TGT News, a daily video program featuring fourth- and fifth-grade students delivering the day’s news, weather, and various surprises.

Based on a traditional morning news program, TGT News — TGT stands for “The Green Top” — packs a lot of information and entertainment into its 5- to 10-minute running time each morning. A rotating lineup of student broadcasters read the daily announcements, lead the Pledge of Allegiance, report the day’s weather forecast, interview special visitors, and sometimes turn up on the scene at surprise locations around the building.

Students and staff look forward to seeing the regular daily features, including Magical Mondays generally feature a science experiment from Mr. Tipton, the Discovery Lab director. Capture the Flag winners are revealed for ELA and math classes on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. On Thursdays, a special guest delivers the week’s health tip. And the announcement of the Class of the Week is delivered on Friday’s show. 

View some highlights and interviews from TGT News below....


Teacher films students at news desk

TGT Reporting

State administrator listens to 4th/5th grade students

TGT News interviewed Dr. Kim Benton, Mississippi’s Interim Superintendent of Education, during her visit to the Green Top on September 19, 2022.

Students interviews a teacher in the library

TGT News reporter Corbin McKay interviews GHS English teacher Laigan Conley.

A sample of news reports from the first year of Grenada Elementary 4-5’s morning news program.

The high school football coach’s show, guest-hosted by two TGT broadcasters.

Outtakes from our special guest coach’s show co-hosts, Waylon Elliott and Brooks Ray.