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The counseling program at Grenada Elementary 4-5 strives to recognize the unique attributes of each student where the school counselor facilitates, empowers and nurtures students to succeed socially, emotionally, and academically. 

Carie Housel, the certified school counselor for the Green Top, works with all students in 4th and 5th grades through individual, small-group and large-group counseling. She is highly visible in the school. From interactions at morning arrival to the cafeteria at lunch to afternoon dismissal, students know Mrs. Housel.

Mrs. Housel also works hand-in-hand with members of our community to enhance the lives of our students in many different ways. She heads up our student Leadership Team. These students meet and work together with members of our community to learn about the many different leadership roles in careers and government. They learn ways that we can all work together to make not only our school, but also our town better. Mrs. Housel also works with community organizations such as the Junior Auxiliary of Grenada, which sponsors a small group of girls called Ingenues each week. These girls meet with different community members to work on self-esteem, friendships, career opportunities and safety just to name a few. Members of Ingenues have the opportunity to apply for a special scholarship when they are seniors. 

The school counselor is also able to collaborate with parents and classroom teachers to best support the students with social, emotional and behavioral difficulties. It is important to note that school counselors do not provide “therapy” or long-term counseling sessions. We aim to support students while in school and help families obtain outside services when requested. Students can be referred to the counselor by parents, teachers, administrators or through self-referral. There are many issues that school counselors are trained in, such as friendships, bullying, social skills, and peer pressure. 

School counselors want all students to be successful. We want them to feel that they have a safe, confidential environment to work through the variety of situations that children in today’s world face.