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Summer Camps

Our Green Top teachers have found a way to make students want to come back to school in June. Two popular, week-long academic camps — Reading Camp and Math & Science Camp — run back-to-back during early June. The sessions share common themes and generate hypothetical scenarios so that students use their classroom skills in lively, real-world situations. 

Students in the reading camp study fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama. They may act out scenes, have group discussions, or create artwork. Bringing the text to life makes the reading concepts more impressionable.

In the math camp, students are given projects, work with budgets, and apply their math and geometry skills to complete challenges. The idea is to make math fun and relevant.

Similarly, the science camp incorporates science standards in projects that fall in line with the campe theme. The small groups and lively pace keep kids wanting more. Snacks and games are a big part of the fun!

Students entering 4th and 5th grade are eligible to attend the Green Top summer camps. Registration begins in spring before school lets out. Student placement for each of the two sessions, held from three to five days during a week in June, are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Two boys conduct a science experiment with celery