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Two boys and a girl, wearing red shirts, shoot archery
If your child is interested in Elementary Archery, please bring the child’s name, a parents name, and a phone number on a piece of paper to Kim Holland in the nurses office.  This is for 4th-6th grade only. You can also email it to please put archery in subject line. We will answer questions when the child has tryout time. We will be taking names until Wednesday, August 24.


Students in grades 4-6 are eligible to try out for the elementary archery team, which is part of the AIMS (Archery in Mississippi Schools) program through the Mississippi Department of Wildlife and Fisheries. Even though the team is classified as “elementary,” members of the Grenada team have outscored other high school teams. In 2022, the elementary team won its first state championship. No prior skill is needed to join the archery team, which welcomes all competitors regardless of gender, race, age, and physical abilities. One need not be athletically inclined to join, which may explain why the sport has become so popular in Grenada. The elementary team practices in the fall and spring at the GES 4-5 Green Top gymnasium on Tuesdays at 2:30 p.m. There is a nominal fee to cover the cost of equipment and team shirts.

Coach: Lois Gaskin

Assistant Coach: Kim Holland