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At the Green Top, we teach math with understanding. We use a concrete to abstract approach. Our teachers use whole groups, small groups and individual instruction to better serve all our students.  Our small group instruction is done during our guided math group time. Our inclusion classrooms have co-teachers to better serve our students with smaller groups and differentiate instructions to meet all levels of learners.

Outside the regular day, we have our Math Club. The Math Club meets once a month after school for an hour. Our Math Club members are involved in real-world math tasks. Each month the task is different. For example, one month they may be involved in planning a party with a budget and guidelines. The next month they may be building roller coasters. This school year our Be There Or Be Square Theme will involve different real-world tasks each month. 

Students can sign up for our three-day Math Summer Camp in June. The camp combines with science and operates with a similar theme as the Reading Camp. Last summer’s camp was centered around gardening. Students were given a budget, an acre of land, and specific guidelines to design their garden. Students helped create our first ever Kindness Rock Garden with painted rocks and kind messages. When needed, students may take and leave a rock.

At our Carnival Math Night, students rotated among classrooms, playing math games to improve their skills and earning tickets. After rotating among the game rooms and accumulating tickets, students and their guests visited the gym for some carnival fun, including midway games, face-painting, ring toss, and an array of carnival snacks such as caramel apples, cotton candy, and popcorn. At the end of the night, students took home a bag filled with a deck of playing cards, a set of dominos, number generators (dice), and a book filled with more math games.

Teacher in front of a Smart Board reviewing geometry