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Grenada School District’s gifted program, LEAP (Learning, Enrichment and Progress), challenges students with advanced curriculum beyond their usual class work.

Students may be recommended for gifted testing either by parents or classroom teachers. LEAP classes meet each day during Activity time. 

The LEAP curriculum at GES 4-5 is diverse and varied. We offer two classes, each with a different curriculum. Muffet McPhail’s class studies Project Lead the Way Launch modules, as well as financial and investment curriculum. Frankie Fortier’s classes participate in Future Problem Solving International, a competitive academic program that utilizes students’ imagination and critical-thinking skills.

Both classes combined form a powerful curriculum that exposes gifted students to new topics, ideas, and information that helps develop and expand their intelligence. Through the study of FPS and Launch, students become futuristic thinkers, effective problem solvers, collaborative team members, diverse thinkers, analytical researchers, innovators, ethical leaders, and global citizens invested in the future of their world.