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Grenada Elementary School 4-5
"The Green Top"

Green Top school from the air
Grades 4-5
500 Pender Drive

Drive a little farther up the hill from the Red Top (Grenada Elementary PreK-3) and you’ll discover a beautiful school tucked into the woods. That’s Grenada Elementary’s 4th and 5th grade building, the Green Top, and it’s a special place where kids can make the transition from elementary to middle school.

Our teachers are beloved by our students because they’re always looking for new ways to engage students’ playful side. They believe that when students are having fun, they’re more likely to learn and retain information. One of our greatest assets at the Green Top is a staff of teachers with a passion for teaching.

Outside-the-box conceptual learning has become a fixture at the Green Top. In addition to school-day activities and weekly visits to the Discovery Lab, students enthusiastically participate in after-school book and math clubs. They bring their parents in for theme night events and even show up during the summer for our academic camps.